Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughts on talent mandate by J. Brent Morrison

In response to Dennis Frymire's thoughts on the subject.

In the Acting field specifically.

When we say someone is a talented actor, we are actually giving credit to a plethora of skills. Speech, memory, muscle control, imitation, interpretation, determination, creativity, empathy, etc. These talents do not exclusively belong to actors and can be used in a variety of fields. So the argument would go, you have a mandate to use your talents, but not necessarily as an actor.


People are self-motivated to use their talents (qualities, not jobs). If you are an eloquent speaker, you tend to talk more. If you have a good memory, you tend to remember things. People generally avoid things (jobs, not qualities) that they knowingly suck at. This can be hard to see at first, like that William Hung guy who was a terrible singer but tried out anyway for American Idol. Turned out he actually had a talent for entertaining, and he pursued that to record deals and talk show appearances. To call that a mandate misses the point. People are not morally obligated to do jobs at which they are good. They just do.

J. Brent Morrison is a former colleague of Jacob York. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this blog.

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