Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 4 - Rock and Roll Friends

Alright, today is totally a cheat day. I found it was too difficult to make an entire CD full of varied comic artists singing. SO, I'm tossing in a bunch of my favorite comedy CDs (Anything Patton Oswalt or Henry Rollins, etc...) along with some songs as well. Some of the particular standout are...

Liam Lynch (Feat. Jack Black) - Rock and Roll Whore
Sifl and Olly - She's a Carrot - Delores - Prostitute Laundry - Performance Art - Rock and Roll Friends
The Lonely Island - A random smattering of their hits.
Flights of the Conchords - Boom - Bowie - Inner City Pressure - Ladies of the World - Mutha'uckas
Tenacious D - Beezleboss

Tomorrow, we'll return with your regularly scheduled and strictly compiled playlist!

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