Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keeping Up

Since I've been in Atlanta, I've longed for a part that could really, truly be considered a lead. Now that I have it, I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

I'm joking, obviously, but I will say that the short rehearsal period for reasons to be pretty is grinding me down a bit. I'm just lucky that I've got a dedicated group of folks working on this with me to help stay on the right track.

Speaking of which, there's all sorts of stuff out there about us. Curt Holman gave us some press in his Creative Loafing blog along with another few writeups that are coming our way shortly. I'm very happy and lucky to get in with a company like this on the ground floor. Go buy some tickets.


I will be making a return to The Shakespeare Tavern stage. Keep your eyes open in Midsummer Night's Dream for me. I'll be the one being a total jerk to a girl who really likes me.


Things are heating up. I've got solid work through October, which is such a blessing. Here's hoping one or two more things can break my way and help me finish out this year right.

I said that this year HAD to be better than last year. At this point last year, I had finished up Hamlet at the Tavern, and Spreading It Around at Stage Door Players. I didn't even know about Middle School The Musical. Those were all great situations to be in, but that was it. Three shows. This year, I had a nice long run with And Then They Came For Me, and I've got four shows that haven't even opened yet. When it rains, it pours. Let's just hope that I can keep it flowing.


The last paragraph had a couple of really labored metaphors. Whatever. I'm not sleeping well. My head has too many lines in it.

Very, very thankful to have such a problem.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reasons to Be at The Palace


That was my favorite line from my time in And Then They Came For Me, so it's only fitting that I use it as my triumphant return to blogging. I thank all of my fans (read: Carolyn) that waited with baited breath for me to slouch back to relevance.

Some things have happened! Let me inform you.

- I wrapped up my time at Georgia Ensemble doing the afforementioned And Then They Came For Me, and I feel like much more a part of the Atlanta scene. I mean, they've been doing this show for, like, 13 years. I can name at least five friends off the top of my head that have done this show, and that doesn't even count the people who were in it with me. All in all, it was a good experience. I loved the folks out there and here's hoping I'll be there again next season.

- I have two (count 'em) shows coming up this summer. First, I have reasons to be pretty (It kills me to not capitalize that...) for a brand new company in Atlanta, the Pinch N' Ouch Theatre. Second, Sally and Glen at The Palace, written by Mr. Peter Hardy (my director for ATTCFM) for The Essential Theatre Festival. I've got to be honest, I'm super excited about both of them. They are tied for "First time Jacob has been a lead in Atlanta" and they're each deep, contemporary plays that I can really sink my teeth in to. Hopefully, you'll be able to make it out to one or both of them.

- After that, Middle School The Musical is coming back to The Alliance stage, so I've got three shows coming up, which is just lovely. Only a couple of slots left for the rest of the year. Book me soon! I'm very popular right now.

- Other than that, personal life is what it is. Go to Manny's with me some time. We'll talk all about it.

I'll make an effort to be on this more, but for now, that's a good update. Consider yourselves updated.