Monday, February 21, 2011

Nice things that were said about me in Fat Pig

Here are any comments that I'm seeing for Fat Pig for Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

"Fat Pig conveys how disagreements in real relationships don’t necessarily involve yelling and breaking things, but can be soft-spoken and painfully drawn out. The audience develops an emotional stake in whether Tom can rise above his concern for the opinions of others."
- Curt Holman - Creative Loafing - Atlanta, Georgia

"Jacob York brings to Tom a certain innocence and openness that made his final capitulation all the more aggravating. Will he be the “go-to guy” for all LaBute productions in the area?"
- Brad Rudy - Atlanta Theatre Buzz - Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Actor. Just actor.

I look back over this last year and I am floored with how many blessings have been poured out upon me. Not everything has been easy, but everything has had a point. Let's do a year end recap, shall we?


I started off this year doing And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank. The point was focus and representing the theatre to the best of my ability.

In June, I opened reasons to be pretty. There's no question that it's been the biggest challenge of my professional career up to now. The point was building stamina and proving that I could do serious contemporary, not to mention working together with a brand new theatre company.

Right after that was Sally and Glen at The Palace for the Essential Theatre Festival. The point was that there are parts out there that are written for me, whether or not the author is aware of that fact. To have had the opportunity to bring Glen to life on stage was such a thrill, and I truly can't say enough nice things about Peter Hardy's script. I hope, hope, hope that I'll be able to see Glen again.

In August, I came back to the Shakespeare Tavern to do A Midsummer Night's Dream. The point was that Demetrius doesn't have to be a jerk. He doesn't. And it served as a reminder of how much I miss that place.

In September, I was in Unnecessary Farce at Stage Door Players. Getting to work with Robert (of course), Carrie, Annie, Holly, Larry, John, Allan and Leslye was a great experience, as always. The point from this one is maybe the most important one that I've learned all year. It is important to be valued. I'm absolutely bowled over by the love that place shows me every time I go in there.

Finally, in October, I went back to middle school at The Alliance. During the run of Middle School The Musical, I learned so much about myself and all of my castmates. I truly hope they bring us back again next year to have another go 'round. Working with Rosemary is always a pleasure. No one is a bigger fan than me. The point of MSM was, really, the point of the year. Wasn't sure I could make it, but I was shown how.


This coming January, come see me in AUTOBAHN (One Night Only!) for PnO.

This coming February, come see me in Fat Pig at The Aurora and see if I crash and burn or prove my mettle. This is, truly, one of the only plays I'm afraid of. We'll see how it goes.

This coming March, come see me in Academy ALSO at The Aurora and try to not notice that this is an actual, honest to God musical I'm doing, which is something I never thought I would professionally do.

This coming April, come see me again in Midsummer at The Tavern as we bring it back for a full run. Last time was just a tester. During this run, I fully anticipate beautiful things blooming.

Nothing after that. But just because I've got work now, don't for a second think that I'm letting up. It is in my nature to hustle and I'm still a hungry actor.


This year, I've gotten to work with new companies. I've got to play leads and show that it isn't a mistake to give me a big workload. I've been back on stage at The Alliance, rapping like nobody's business. I wore a kilt for Robert Egizio. And even got on stage at the place that I still consider my home in Atlanta.

I look back on this year and I marvel that I had theatrical employment (Not even counting Kidstuf and reThink!) in all of them except December. I look forward on this next year and marvel that my first five months are already booked.

I will direct you to a blog post that I made last year where I said, "2010 is my year... Mark it, kids."

Well, holy crap if it didn't happen.

Here's the thing, though. I have to keep building. I have to keep striving. I have to stay hungry and I have to keep on the hustle. And I will. I will enjoy the moment, but I will not take a second of it for granted, because I know it could all be gone in a moment.

Lord, thank you. Ain't possible without you.

2009 was my year on the cusp. 2010 was the beginning of me actually having a career in Atlanta. 2011 will be my breakthrough.

2011 is my year... Mark is kids.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nice things that were said about me in Unnecessary Farce

Here are any comments that I'm seeing for Unnecessary Farce for Stage Door Players in Dunwoody, Georgia.

"The sheer athleticism of Annie York, Jacob York, Markowski, Walrond-Hood and Phelps is amazing... Your sides and face will ache from the nearly nonstop laughter."
- Gayle Suggs - Dunwoody Crier - Dunwoody, Georgia

"...The excellent Jacob York scores as a kilt-clad hitman, armed with bagpipes and an amusing brogue."
- Bert Osborne - Sunday Paper - Atlanta, Georgia

We also got a nice notice on saying, "Unnecessary Farce is good-natured, goofy and, if not a necessity, an indulgence that will give you an evening of laughs."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too Too Too Fast

So, what's happening?


Firstly, I guess I should get the shameless self promotion out of the way. I mean, let's be honest, part of what this blog is all about is aggregating all of the nice things that people say about me into one convenient location. Please note that this is not about me believing my own hype. Rather, it is in the hopes that someone else will.

I was singled out by Bert Osborne as one of the three "Up and Comers" of the year, by The Sunday Paper.

Also, Brad Rudy of Atlanta Theatre Buzz (As always...archived at mentioned me in his annual If I Picked the Suzi's column, once singularly from reasons to be pretty, then again as a member of reasons' ensemble.

I've had a very good year, and I'd be lying if I said the attention wasn't nice. But I really just want to keep working. So, keep liking what I'm doing, and I'll be more than happy to keep doing it.


Also, a lady ran into my car when I was on the way to Midsummer yesterday. There's something.


Birthday is coming up in a few days. I'll go ahead and keep the other info for a big post around then. Kinda tired now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nice things that were said about me in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Here are any comments that I'm seeing for A Midsummer Night's Dream for The Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Let's start with the cast. For once, the four lovers are the comic equals of the "Rude Mechanicals" here. Jacob York's Demetrius towers over Matt Felten's Lysander, and a lot of comic mileage is made of that. Director Andrew Houchins has staged the forest scene with so much wit and slapstick and originality, that I (and, I daresay, everyone else in Friday's crowd) was actually breathless with uncontrolled laughter. These four performers are so dynamic, so compelling, that they could have carried the show themselves, without the "low-brow" Mechanicals."
- Brad Rudy - Atlanta Theatre Buzz (Archived at

Friday, July 30, 2010


So, what's up?


Having a lot of really nice things said about Sally and Glen at The Palace. I think it's been pretty darn good. Just a few more appearances, and then we're putting Glen to bed as well. As it is.

Bert Osborne said nice things. Wendell Brock said nice things. Brad Rudy said nice things. Curt Holman didn't talk about us very much, but pick up the latest newsstand edition of Creative Loafing if you want to see the biggest picture of me that has ever been in any publication ever. Pretty crazy, huh?


For a guy that doesn't have a day job, my time is starting to fill up, which is pretty great. We had our first rehearsal for Midsummer at The Tavern on Wednesday, and it was just great fun. So excited to work with all of those people.

On top of that, it looks like there may be another play sneaking in between Midsummer and Middle School The Musical. I will let you know when I have full confirmation on it, but it IS at a place that I have worked before. And we are having to do some shuffling to make it happen. It seems like it's all going to work out, so keep your fingers crossed.

On top of that, Kidstuf is going to be starting up again soon, and I'm trying to write more, which is giving my brain quite the workout. Let's see where it all leads.


I have my first audition for a gig next year coming up in a week or two. You know me, blogfriend. I like to lock down stuff as soon as I possibly can. As I have said before, let's just hope that this next year is just as populated with jobs as this past year has been.


A few plugs!

Some friends of mine have been working on a movie called Revelation Trail. They just released the new trailer. I think it looks fantastic. You should watch

Another friend, Angie Gregory just had her film, Goodbye, Wendell accepted into the Glen Rose Neo·Relix Film Festival. Excitement for her.

I'm sure there will be more. I'm excited for my school friends. Very lucky to have gone to school with such great folks.


My Dad is coming to see Sally and Glen tonight. First show he's seen since The Lost Colony. Hope I don't blow it.


I feel like there was something else. Perhaps it will come to me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nice things that were said about me in Sally and Glen at The Palace

Here are any comments that I'm seeing for Sally and Glen at The Palace for The Essential Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.

"You have to admire...the winning performances of Kate Graham (Sally) and Jacob York (Glen). York is a wonderful comedic actor who ultimately reveals his character’s tenderness and vulnerability ... Graham and York are two young performers to watch."
- Wendell Brock - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Atlanta, GA

"Sally and Glen at the Palace is ... warmly realized by director Ellen McQueen and co-stars Jacob York and Kate Graham. The thoughtful and sensitive performances by York and Graham [prove] that bigger doesn’t always mean better."
- Bert Osborne - Sunday Paper - Atlanta, GA

"It doesn't hurt that Sally and Glen are given such vivid performances by Kate Graham and Jacob York. Glen is almost a "before" view of the character Mr. York recently played in "reasons to be pretty," obsessive and driven, earnest and naive, intelligent and clueless, all at the same time, and he is absolutely perfect in it."
- Brad Rudy - Atlanta Theatre Buzz (Archived at
- Atlanta, GA