Thursday, April 16, 2009

We'll be kings again.

Just recording a quick, good memory.

We had a two show day of Hamlet today. Between the matinee and night show, Doug Graham, Josh Jones, Daniel Parvis and I went to the park by Doug's house and played some basketball. It had been forever since I had played an actual game, so I was pretty rusty. We all were, but it was a phenomenal time. Doug put in some impossible shots, Josh was a beast in the paint, and Parvis put in the winning shot in both games (For our team, of course. The North Druid Hills. Watch out for merch, coming soon.) I even hit a couple of threes...there are few feelings as sweet as the ball leaving your hand and knowing it's going in.

After showers, Josh, Doug and I headed to Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles and ate some delicious chicken (and waffles) before the night show. We were all tired, but it was a good tired. We're hoping to do it next week, but we'll see how that goes.

This made me go back to my old blog and review a post I had there. If you'll allow me the moment, I'd like to quote part of that post. It's after another beautiful night of basketball.

As I sit and type this, my skin smells like sweat and smoke from Log Cabin. I'm tired, my legs hurt and I really couldn't be happier. On nights like these, you realize how much is possible. You realize how much you love all of the people around you and how important they are to you. You realize that you don't tell them enough and you can't possibly tell them enough. This goes beyond Murray, for that matter. It's Rothbury, it's New Jersey, it's Benton, it's's every place that you have to say goodbye to after really making it your home. You can only hope that when you do leave to go on with your life, as we must all do, they remember you fondly and hold onto these moments when, for just a bit, we're all perfect. Because that's what happened tonight...tonight we were all perfect.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

You remember my checklist from yesterday? Let's scratch off "getting paid for it." Today, I was simply finding time to enjoy the fact that I love what I do. And I love the people here. And I may...MAY have just fallen a little bit in love with Atlanta. Occasionally, life is very, very good.


Robbyn said...

We should make a trip back to C-ville together. I haven't been there since that summer. I miss it.

Jacob York said...

That's really ok? I swung by there on my way to Lost Colony. It was alright to be there, but didn't bring back a rush of positive feelings. Especially after James Scales saw my comment on one of Jenni Jolly's pictures, talking about how that summer made me a better actor because I hated being there and not acting so much. I think he took umbrage, which I understand.

As is life. It's still a beautiful place, and I loved some of the people I worked with...