Monday, April 6, 2009

Neck cramp

And everything slows down for a day.

My neck hurts. Hence, the name of the blog post.

Today, I slept in. It was phenomenal. Though, I still say that my best day of the last two months was last Wednesday, just because of the simplicity of it. Drew cancelled the 10 out of 12 for Hamlet and make it into a dress rehearsal. I woke up late, worked out, did laundry, all the little stuff. So glorious.

This week is going to be another busy one. In fact, I think they're ALL going to be busy until May, when Hamlet wraps up. I don't anticipate having a day off this month, in fact. Let's check the stats!

The only chance I will have for a day off is a Monday, since we've got Hamlet every other day. Sooo...

April 6th (Today) - Day job. At night.
April 13th - (Fingers crossed.) Orlando Shakespeare's General Auditions (Fingers crossed.)
April 20th - reThink, probably.
April 27th - I WILL be going to App Co '09 scene night... Does that qualify as work? I bet I'll open that day...
May 4th - Tennessee Shakespeare General Auditions.

What a schedule, huh? After that, it slows down CONSIDERABLY. In fact, it slows down so much that I'm not schedule for anything outside of Kidstuf. Once again, I face the truth of being an unemployed actor...

This summer is going to be an interesting one. To my knowledge, I won't be involved in any performance, outside of whatever I'm doing with Kidstuf. On one hand, that's good, because it will give me time to straighten up my life (Degree, fitness, home, etc.). But, on the other's still so long between performances. I've worked really consistently since coming to Atlanta. Gulfs scare me.

The Unified auditions were a lot of fun! I need to ask Jeanette how I did...

Disjointed blog post!

Wednesday, I'll be going to see Suddenly Last Summer at Actor's Express! If you happen to go see it, as well, you make sure you tell Erin Burnett I said hi. She's pretty great.

Also, tell Freddie Ashley I said hi. And that I am available this summer.

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