Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things to do tomorrow...

- Send off headshot, resume and cover letter to Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.
- Send "Thank You" postcard to Orlando Shakespeare. More on that later.
- Find Year of the King for Amee.
- Do two performances of Hamlet.
- Play some basketball.
- Start memorizing a short monologue for Tennessee Shakespeare.
- Figure out plans for the upcoming Actor's Express Intern Showcase I'm going to attend.
- Download the FreeDarko podcast.
- Start figuring out my plan of attack on Atlanta theatres. Seasons announced so far (that I've seen) - Theatrical Outfit, The Alliance, Georgia Shakespeare, that it, really? More on that later, as well.
- Find some time to enjoy the fact that I'm truly doing what I love to do and getting paid for it.

Busy day.


So, I just got back from Orlando Shakespeare on Monday. It was a whirlwind trip, to be sure. My friend, Amee and I left immediately following the Q&A for Hamlet, so we ended up rolling into town at...5? That area? We conked out immediately, got up at about 11:30, got ready and went to our audition.

I had a great time at the audition. I did two pieces that I feel comfortable with (Ford from Merry Wives, Lewis from King John) and simply love the area. Coming to Orlando always feels mildly like coming home. I'm obviously not banking on getting anything from them, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be eager to get some work there. What can I say? I'm passionate about Orlando?

All in all, fun trip. Being there for less than 24 hours is still a thrill. Plus, Amee was great company.


But, I'm not all joy and lollypops right now. So, what is up with, like, every theatre not wanting me to work in the beginning of their seasons? Everything I've seen so far is either a musical or all women. 7 Stages - Hair. Alliance - Come Fly With Me. Theatrical Outfit - Cotton Patch Gospel. Theatre in the Square - Some show whose name escapes me right now but is entirely women except for one priest that is cast and I might look up the name of this show later and I love run on sentences.

So...yeah! What's up with that?!


I am starting to wear face lotion. I fear my vanity is overtaking me.


Go read Year of the King if you trust my taste.

Go listen to the new Royksopp album if you trust my taste.

Go watch Friday Night Lights if you trust my taste.

Slings and Arrows is good...but not blowing me away yet. Deal with it.



Robbyn said...

posts like these make me miss you more than you can imagine. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved Year of the King. I have it... somewhere... but it's all written in and loved up, not sure if it's in lending capacity anymore...

hey, rather than blog, can't I just leave long comments on other people's blogs about myself? I had a good day today...