Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let Your Love Grow Tall

Yesterday, I had a day off with nothing to do. The last time that happened was February 23rd. Pretty exciting, huh?

I insist that you, by hook or by crook, procure a copy of Passion Pit's new album, Manners, coming out...soon? It's really great. Then, after that, I insist that you come with me to see them at The Drunken Unicorn on June 6th. They perform along with The Harlem Shakes. It should be a show packed with awesome.

I'll be going home for a little over a week next Thursday. I'm pretty excited, but I'm not going to act like it isn't melancholy. It'll be the first time back in town since Ren, my dog, died. It'll be the first time back in town since Clair and I broke up. It'll be the first time back in town since Granny died. All in all, it's just going to be odd.

I went to the Tennessee Shakespeare audition in Memphis on Monday. It was alright, but the best part was seeing Tia Shearer, out of nowhere. I had no clue she would be there. She played my girlfriend in Bookends, the film I shot that will probably never get released. We met each other, literally, five minutes before the camera rolled, so we weren't comfortable yet, but as the scenes go on (The "party" section was filmed chronologically.) we get more and more at ease to the point where, I judge, our scenes toward the end are some of the high points of the film. It was just so much fun working with her. Here's hoping I get to do it again.

Speaking of film, I was just cast in Bane of Matthias, a feature length set to be filmed in the Atlanta area. You can go to the website and see my picture. Ch-Check it out.

I've decided I will have a post once a week detailing my fitness progress. I'm going to condense the week into one, easy to ignore post. It'll probably be called "Jacob's Fitness Diary - Week ___." It may be boring, but at least it'll keep me accountable, which I like.

So...who has announced seasons?
Alliance, Horizon, Stage Door Players, Theatre in the Square, Georgia Shakespeare, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Theatrical Outfit... That's it? Anyone I'm missing.


Monologue Monday people, I need some help. I'm putting out a call for a couple of contemporary monologues. Here's the back story.

I'm heading up Monday, the 18th to audition at Tennessee Rep's generals. Looking at the lineup, the only thing I know I'd be good for is Hal in Proof. So, basically, I need two monologues that show I can play Hal. I know some people like it if you do a monologue FROM the show, but I just don't swing like that. So, what do you guys think? He's very much a contemporary, laid back guy with a nerdy case you are one of the five people who hasn't read Proof. Nothing absurdist or crazy. Just...charming? I dunno. Think on it and let me know. Remember, I have a short turn around time, so the sooner, the better. Let's make it happen.

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Robbyn said...

I was actually just looking at a photo I took of you and Sarina during Proof rehearsals for my Directing I show.

You will always be my favorite Hal. :)