Monday, May 11, 2009

23 > 24

I hope you will forgive my off topic dallience, but I am loving playoff basketball. I love that I get sucked into a game every time I sit down to watch five minutes. I love that Kentucky players are playing very important parts on playoff teams (What up, Rondo and Chuck!). I love that the Hawks, even though they're probably going to get swept, are putting up a heck of a fight with such adversity around them. And I love that the mathmatically impossible title of this blog post is a call to those who know the new math.

Also, speaking of Rondo, everyone who is a basketball fan should check out the following article: Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known. The whole discussion started from the comment "Watching Rondo in this series feels like one of those "origins" comic book movies where we see the villain as an innocent boy, and we understand that becoming evil was simply a survival mechanism. Even if he goes on to become the new Isiah, I will love him because I saw the child in him die." I don't disagree. As much as I am rooting for the Magic to win the series, I have to that that I am rejoicing / despairing in Rondo's evolution / devolution. He's become a star, but at (the risk of sounding cliche) what cost?


I'm going home on Thursday / Friday! Yeah! Then I'm driving back on Tuesday for a couple of auditions. Actually, I've got three auditions in a two day space. It's that time of year again.

Also, I am disappointed in the lack of response to my cry for help about Hal. I expected more from you, blogfriend.


No Monologue Monday today! I'm plumb out right now. But, have no fear. I'm looking into some this very night. Maybe I'll have some new stuff for you soon.

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