Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do you think about me now and then? Well, I'm coming home again.

So, I really feel like I don't have much to talk about. Let's start typing and just see what comes, shall we?


I was just at home for a week and a half. What a whirlwind trip! I can talk about that...specifically, my first big audition adventure of 2009.


So, I went home to Marshall County, Kentucky this last week. As I crossed the border, I could feel my life getting better. I could feel life starting to make sense again. Stuff have been sort of hard the last few months. Life, in general, has been hard, and as I drove past the state line, singing country songs at the top of my lungs ("Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" by Big and Rich if you must know...), I felt myself start to heal up. Now, granted, as my mom loves to point out, I didn't even like country music when I lived at home, but that's not really the point. The point is, it reminds me of home. There are few songs that remind me of home as succinctly as "Hog Wild" by Hank Williams Jr and "Paradise" by John Prine.

My first stop was Belew's, a dairy barn on the lake that lives on the outskirts of the county that I called home for so very long. As I pulled in, I grabbed Doug Graham's copy of Proof to give it a quick re-read, since I was going to be auditioning for it shortly. As I sat there, reading these words that I really wanted to play, I let the sounds of my home wash over me. The cadence of the speech, the shrill giggles of kids at play, and, underneath it all, the silence that I miss when I'm living on the outskirts of Atlanta.

There are times when it seems like it would all be worth it to pack it in. To settle down and live my life well in the place that my father lived, and his father, and his father. This place where my roots are so, so deep and my family is all within twenty minutes of each other. Where my friends come together as if no time has passed and life moves at the most leisurely pace. Where I feel right. Where I feel like, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, I feel like I belong.

I do like Atlanta. I do. Maybe even love it. But, make no mistake, home is where my heart is.


So, MONDAY THE 18th, I left my home to go to a general audition at Tennessee Rep. Now, I went into this audition with no illusions. They were doing Steel Magnolias (Precast, but all women anyway.), A Christmas Story (No parts for me.), Big River (Can't...rather, would prefer to not sing) AND Proof...which has one part for which I would be good for. So...pretty specific stuff... Anyway, went in, felt alright about the general audition. After that, drove onward to The 404! Spend the night in the 404!

TUESDAY THE 19TH! Got up and went out to Theatrical Outfit and had what I judge was my worst audition of the three I had. I don't know...

That night, I drove the two hours to Columbus, GA so that I could audition for Springer Opera House's season. Tiring!

WEDNESDAY THE 20TH! I head home, right? WRONG! I'm an hour out of Nashville, heading back to Kentucky when I get a call from Tennessee Rep! They want me to come in and read for Hal! Awesome! Tonight! ...Not quite as awesome. I'm so tired, but I buck up and do it...and I have to say, I feel like I killed it. I may not get it, but I felt great about what I brought into the room. PLUS, I got to read with Tia Shearer! Who I hadn't seen since...I saw her at the Tennessee Shakes audition. How great to actually get to read with her.


Anyhow, that was my crazy audition time. I think that suffices for an entry. Hey, waddya know... I did have some stuff to talk about.

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