Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I won't feel no fear, 'cause I'm not really here...

It's been a busy week. An incredibly busy week, actually, between acting and my day job. For the record, if you're standing in a store while the power is out to wait twenty minutes to buy a 1 cent pencil sharpener, you're wasting precious moments in your life. Just saying.

- I had Kindergarten Konfidential first at Buckhead Church, which was my first basic exposure to the world of Kidstuf. It was a good time. I was confused at first, trying to find out where to go, but it ended up being a good first experience. Everyone was super nice and accommodating. Those kids are a tough crowd, man. I don't know if my subtle political satire is going to reach them. I think they liked me enough. But, for the record, there's nothing more intimidating than a five year old standing alone at the foot of the stage, looking at you like you're a total idiot.

- We also started rehearsal for Henry VI. What a huge project. There were twenty four people in the room. We will, of course, have more people join us, including apprentices and folks in the later plays. A couple of people brought up that it felt like the first day of school. I know it felt that way for me. After being gone for a month, it was good to be back in the building. Also, as Somerset, I love that, in my time on stage, I'm going head to head with Maurice Ralston. Seriously, he's such a great, sharing actor on stage. I couldn't be luckier in that respect.

- The next two weeks are going to be busy. The girlfriend is coming into town, we're reopening Much Ado and Twelfth Night. On top of Kidstuf video shoots. On top of Henry rehearsals and learning lines. On TOP of other auditions (Yay for later in the year calls from Unifieds!). I feel like a busy little actor right now. Always down to be busier though...

- There's actually an audition up on Atlanta Performs that I would LOVE to be able to be involved in, but it conflicts with the remounts, and I'm not giving up any chances to play Claudio. It's a call for Edmund in Long Day's Journey and, man, what a pleasure that would be. Plus it's in Florida, which, if you didn't know, is a place I've lived before and want to live again. Granted, I'm more of a fan of Central Florida, but still... I've actually been listening to the new song by The Streets quite a bit because it reminds me of my time in Florida.

- On a personal note, I'm ridiculously excited about many of the games coming out in the next couple of months. I mean, there's the sort of higher concept stuff like Fable 2 and Fallout 3, where decisions have consequences and life can change in the blink of an eye, and then there's the ridiculous sports stuff like TNA Impact and Blitz: The League II. Fun!

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