Friday, August 1, 2008


Not in any of you lovely people, of course. In myself. In the last week, I've had two situations dealing with auditions where I've made stupid, rookie mistakes. More than that, they are mistakes that I could have easily corrected.

First, in one audition, I went up on a monologue. That never happens to me, and I can make excuses all day about how I didn't have time to memorize something new on my way back from Kentucky or I was thrown off by this or that. The simple truth is that I could have cobbled together the time to focus on this monologue more and deliver the performance I know I'm capable of giving.

On top of that, I completely missed an audition yesterday because I got lost. I know, right? There's no excuse. But that doesn't change the fact that I was wandering around North Highland all night trying to figure out where I had made a wrong turn.

These are basic slips of the mind that I simply can't afford. Every audition I'm not able to make is a lost opportunity. Every monologue I go up on leaves a mark on a casting director. If anything, these events coming in such quick succession are good for me. If they were spread out over time, I could write them off as aberrations, but so close to one another means something. I'm not going to allow silly stuff like this to keep me out of the running anymore. If someone doesn't want me for a part, that's fine. But I'm not going to allow my unpreparedness be a reason ever, ever again.


On a side note, Lord T and Eloise are premium.

Lord T's in the house. All other rappers, pay your rent.


Hi Redd.

I'm going to have Mike add a link soon, but until then, I advise everyone go to Redd's blog about finance. I don't know that I can drive any real traffic, since I imagine Redd is my only reader, but it's still got some great common sense advice.

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