Saturday, September 19, 2009


Back in the halcyon days of 07, I shot a little movie called Bookends. It was directed by Matt Riddlehoover, who was a friend at one point, but he hit it big with Watch Out and I haven't heard from him in some time since then. As is life, I reckon.

Anyhow, I JUST found out that the film has gotten a release and is available for you to purchase right here. It even stars my good friends Brandon Eaves, Tia Shearer and more!

I've got to be honest with you, I don't know that it's the best work, but I DO think that Tia is fantastic in it, and for something shot over two weekends, you really can't ask for anything more. It was a good experience and, hey, it got me on IMDb, which is awesome.

Check out the trailer. Please note the great deal of weight I have lost since this movie was shot. Here's the first one where I figure in really prominently.

And then, here's a second one that focuses more on people who have actually been in films before. Whatever, suck it, I got Bane of Matthias coming up, yo!

BOOKENDS Trailer from Matt Riddlehoover on Vimeo.


Dennis Frymire said...

I see that a Starina Johnson is in this movie. She doesn't happen to be a blonde Starina that resides in Nashville, would she? If she is, two of my worlds are colliding.

Also, I'm going to nab this when I get a chance. It looks pretty decent.

Jacob York said...

Well, we DID shoot it in, I mean, prepare for your worlds to collide.

And, if you DO grab it, let me know. When I come to Chicago or YOU come to Atlanta, we'll watch it and I'll give you a running commentary.

Dennis Frymire said...

Yep. That be her. I went to community college with her. Wonderful lady.

I would love to make it to Atlanta sometime. Maybe after the start of the new year, and I get settled in with my massage license schtuff.