Monday, March 30, 2009

Monologue Monday - Macbett by Eugene Ionesco

I haven't been able to deliver a Monologue Monday in a bit, I've decided to give you a two-fer today. Both are from the play Macbett by Ionesco, which is a sort of bizarre retelling of Macbeth.

The first is one that I've actually used several times. It's the part of Soldier, who shows up for this monologue and that's about it. He's just coming from a battle. I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory.

I don't know. I was just coming out of the pub and a sergeant on horseback lassoed me. My mates were lucky. They got away. I tried to resist, but they hit me over the head, tied me up and carried me off. They gave me a sword. Oh, I seem to have dropped it somewhere. And a pistol. (He puts the pistol to his head and pulls the trigger.) Out of ammunition. Must have fired it all. There were a load of us out there on the field and they made us shout "Long live Glamiss and Candor."

And then they shot at us, and we shot at them.

And then they took us prisoner. And then they told me if you want to keep a head on your shoulders, you'd better join us. They told us to shout, "Down with Gandor, Down with Glamiss." And then we shot at them and they shot at us. I was hit several times, wounded in the thigh, and then I guess I fell down. Then I woke up and the battle was still going on a long way away. There was nothing but heaps of dying men all around me.
So, as I said, I started walking; and my right leg is hurting, and my left leg is hurting, and I'm losing blood from the wound in my thigh. And then I got here... That's all I've got to say --- except that I'm still bleeding.

The second one is Macbett himself during the analogue of the dinner scene from Macbeth. In this one, the ghost of Duncan appears to Macbett and all his party guests. Macbett is pretty nonplussed, but his guests are freaking out. This is his reaction to that. I've cut this one together, a but, but I think it flows pretty well, all things considered.

You didn't believe Banco was real, but you seem to believe that Duncan exists all right and is sitting there in the throne. Is it because he was your sovereign that you've grown used to paying him homage and holding him in awe? Now it's my turn to say, "It's only a ghost." (To Duncan) As you can see, I've taken your throne. And I've taken your wife. All the same, I served you well and you distrusted me. (To his guests) Get back to your places. (He draws his dagger.) Quickly. You have no king here but me. You pay homage to me now.
(To Duncan) I don't want to see you again till you've been forgiven by the thousands of soldier I slaughtered in your name, and till they have been pardoned in their turn by the thousands of women that they raped, and by the thousands of children and peasants they killed.

Go on, shoo! you silly old ghost.

Maybe that one is a little intense, but I love the juxtaposition of the rape and murder with the "Shoo, you silly old ghost." To me, hilarious.


Today is Atlanta Unifieds! I love auditions. Today, I will be judged only by what I bring into the room. If you're following my Twitter, you've seen this already, but allow me to expound upon it a little.

At auditions, it doesn't really matter what you've done before. It doesn't matter what you can do, how well you can dress, what else has been going on in your life. None of that. All that matters is what you bring into the room. What you show them. I love that. I love the challenge. It's freeing. To be able to look a group of people who, in some cases, may have my financial future (Really, most certainly, my Atlanta future...) in their hands, and say, "This is what I am today. Nothing more. Nothing less." I love the calm that overtakes me. I love the sense of competition that I get. I love listening to music before I go on stage and I love the feeling of being wholly and 100% myself, while being wholly someone else. Someone who I'm not entirely comfortable with. Someone who hasn't had the chance to find out exactly who they are in the world with a month of rehearsal with a cast. It falls on my shoulders and mine alone. And I love that feeling.

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