Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hey, I went to go see Lord T and Eloise the other night like I said! What a fun time.

I actually purchased their album recently off Amazon music as mp3s. I rarely purchase music, so I think that is a testament to how much that band has taken over my mind frame.

Aristocrunk isn't as good as Chairmen of the Bored, but it's still pretty darn good. It's just worth it to me, though, to have their entire oeuvre.

That shoulder is still giving me problems. I've been threatened with physical violence if I don't get it looked at if problems continue for more than a week. I think that's counterproductive, but whatever.

It's a weekend full of auditions! How fun! The one today was quick and easy. In and out, and didn't even have to pay for parking. Plus, it was a good excuse to try out a brand spanking new monolgue. (King John, "Am I Rome's slave?") The one tomorrow will be interesting, just because so much of the stuff on my resume recently is in a classic vein. I still wonder how people who do primarily contemporary stuff will react when they see my resume.

UPTA and SETC registration is coming up soon. I'm absolutely going to UPTA, and PROBABLY going to SETC. I imagine going to SETC will be ridiculous and liberating, just because of the tension that is related to it in the past. At my school, there was so much importance placed on SETC, for good or for ill. I know that while I was there, it felt like it was made out to be the ONLY option to get a theatre job while in college. It wasn't until I started seeking out my own auditions in the world, that I even began to have any success.

Basically, every year at SETC, I was so nervous because it had the air of finality to it. "This is your only chance, so don't blow it." I'd do the most broad, scatter-shot audition I possibly could, trying to appeal to everyone, not satisfy myself, and end up getting called back by the same places anyway. Obviously, I can't harp on SETC too much, as I do think it's a good option, and it did bring me to The Lost Colony, for which I am grateful for. But, man, SETC and UPTA is just night and day. I, actually, can't wait to go to UPTA again. So well organized and so much more actor friendly. SETC feel very college theatre to me. So many people out there who are going to get their first professional gigs. It's wonderful. But UPTA feels more...grown up? That works.

Anyway, SETC is going to be fun this year, come hell or high water. I'm going to give myself permission to do exactly what I want, because it ISN'T the be all, end all. That's my 1:00 of time, dammit, and I won't apologize for a second of it.


Robbyn said...

Where are UPTA and SETC this year? I'm sure I could look it up online, but why do that when I can just ask you! :)

Jacob York said...

UPTA is always in Memphis, to my knowledge. SETC is in Birmingham. It's, like, two hours away, so there's no point in not going... Then again, I didn't go to it when it was in Chattanooga last year, and THAT'S about two hours away... But, whatever.