Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give Me a Beat

Alright...daily blog material...

I still don't know why I'm trying to do it daily. I think it's just a good practice to make myself write. THOUGH, that being said, I hold to no such schedule when I'm at home. The next two weeks (starting Saturday) may be pretty sparse.

I'm just going to toss some random stuff up here and call it a day.

What bands am I listening to right now: Black Kids, Girl Talk, Architecture in Helsinki, The Format, Self

What I'm working at the gym today: Chest and shoulders

What I'm most tired of in my 9-5 job: Formatting a menu.

What game I'm most amped for: Chrono Trigger for the DS

Show I most want to be cast in for the typical 08-09 season: Oh man...I'd really like to be in Glass Menagerie at Aurora, but having a solid part in Romeo and Juliet at The Tavern would be great as well.

Thing that I'm most excited about from my apprenticeship: We're all working, by God! Mark is in Hedwig, which I'm seeing this week. Carol is doing something with puppets in Vermont. KG and I just wrapped up Much Ado. Tiffany and Stephen are about to start up with Midsummer. Derek will probably be in rehearsals for Don't Dress for Dinner at Stage Door Players when he gets back from Ireland. Josh just got cast in the next two shows at the Tavern. Look at all these working actors... Good job, compatriots!

What I miss about home: Besides everything? Besides girlfriend, family, friends, pets, fresh air, clear streets, solitude, memories, and the field out behind my mom's house? Probably the food.

Place I've always wanted to work: Alabama Shakespeare. Since I've loved Shakespeare, this is where I've wanted to work...

There's something about a Shakespeare theater that I just agree with. I mean, it's not just that they do plays by one of the world's greatest writers, but there is a sense that all plays done at many "Shakespeare" theaters are, either, enduring classics or something that their audience will identify with closely. It just feels right. Some of the best examples, I think, are Shakespeare Tavern's Of Mice and Men, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's The Bald Soprano and even this year, with Orlando Shakespeare presenting a play called Wittenberg, a premier about Hamlet taking classes from Dr. Faustus. A classic is a classic.

Ok...that's enough.

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