Friday, July 30, 2010


So, what's up?


Having a lot of really nice things said about Sally and Glen at The Palace. I think it's been pretty darn good. Just a few more appearances, and then we're putting Glen to bed as well. As it is.

Bert Osborne said nice things. Wendell Brock said nice things. Brad Rudy said nice things. Curt Holman didn't talk about us very much, but pick up the latest newsstand edition of Creative Loafing if you want to see the biggest picture of me that has ever been in any publication ever. Pretty crazy, huh?


For a guy that doesn't have a day job, my time is starting to fill up, which is pretty great. We had our first rehearsal for Midsummer at The Tavern on Wednesday, and it was just great fun. So excited to work with all of those people.

On top of that, it looks like there may be another play sneaking in between Midsummer and Middle School The Musical. I will let you know when I have full confirmation on it, but it IS at a place that I have worked before. And we are having to do some shuffling to make it happen. It seems like it's all going to work out, so keep your fingers crossed.

On top of that, Kidstuf is going to be starting up again soon, and I'm trying to write more, which is giving my brain quite the workout. Let's see where it all leads.


I have my first audition for a gig next year coming up in a week or two. You know me, blogfriend. I like to lock down stuff as soon as I possibly can. As I have said before, let's just hope that this next year is just as populated with jobs as this past year has been.


A few plugs!

Some friends of mine have been working on a movie called Revelation Trail. They just released the new trailer. I think it looks fantastic. You should watch

Another friend, Angie Gregory just had her film, Goodbye, Wendell accepted into the Glen Rose Neo·Relix Film Festival. Excitement for her.

I'm sure there will be more. I'm excited for my school friends. Very lucky to have gone to school with such great folks.


My Dad is coming to see Sally and Glen tonight. First show he's seen since The Lost Colony. Hope I don't blow it.


I feel like there was something else. Perhaps it will come to me.

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