Friday, December 18, 2009

Quiet Time

It's been pretty quiet in my life, folks, which is why it's been pretty quiet on this blog. Now, I'll try and figure out some things to talk about.


Auditions have been pretty few and far between recently. I'm hustling to find as much work as I can, and I have had a couple of moments I'm proud of, including on ALMOST general audition at The Shakespeare Theatre in DC, but there just isn't much going on right now.

I do have a couple of auditions scheduled for January, at least. That's nice. And at places that I've never worked before, one in Atlanta. Keep your fingers crossed for me, though, for there are still so very many places I haven't auditioned for, and even more than I simply haven't worked for yet. Hi, Theatres That Haven't Seen Me Audition Yet. My name is Jacob. I'm sure you'll just love me.


I've done two readings in the last month, after having not done one since that baseball play I did a reading for out at Market House Theatre. One was called Behind Closed Doors and was written by good friend and fellow Middle Schooler, Bernard Jones.

Secondly, but first chronologically, was Spoon Lake Blues by Josh Tobiessen. It's a play that The Alliance is looking to do next year. Here's hoping I acquitted myself well. All the bigwigs were there. That was intimidating.


They're cutting the Kidstuf landing pages, those hilarious videos featuring me that you'll see when you log onto and click on the Buckhead button. If you're only now finding out about them, I do feel sorry for you, because we've had some pretty hilarious shoots. Some of my favorites have featured me singing songs about love to my co-host, dressing up as a superhero and, of course, chewing on a grotesque cud of candy corn.

Complain to anyone who will listen. This was, truly, one of my favorite parts of Kidstuf. I'm sad it is going away.


Christmas is just around the corner. My proud return home, a mere three days away. It's going to be a hard holiday.

After that, New Years! I'm sure I will have something to say about it.


Hey...we're coming to the close of the first full year of me having a blog. I'll throw a party. We'll eat cake. That's how I get down.

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