Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Some folks have been asking me about when I'll be returning to the Tavern stage. Well, wait no longer, one or two people who were interested. I'll be back on the stage in April playing Guildenstern in Hamlet.

I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I noticed at some point earlier in the year that Hamlet was going to be my last chance to act before the summer came, which was pretty darn scary. So, when I saw Drew's (the director, fight director AND associate producer. He's busy.) number come up on my cell phone, I might have done a little happy dance. I would have felt really stupid if he was just calling to say hi.

As always, one of the main reasons I'm excited to get in something at the Tavern is getting to play with my friends. For instance, I know that Doug Graham and Josh Jones are also cast.

I love how busy I've stayed. I know it's a mixed blessing, because it does make the slow times feel THAT MUCH slower, but I've been incredibly blessed to be working this much in my first full year out of the apprenticeship.

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