Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I'm grateful for

There are times when I question why I do Kidstuf. I mean, I gotta get up so early.

And there are times others question me about why I do Kidstuf. In some ways, it's theatre, in the same way that one would call a Kaiser Permanente show theatre, but it's not what one always envisioned when going to school. I know I figured I'd be getting paid six figures to do Cherry Orchard somewhere by now.

But when I ask myself that...or someone else asks me that...I can always point to this.

For this month, one of the "props" we're using is called a Grati-journal. You write down something you're grateful for. We got an e-mail with this in it...

If you can't tell, the text is, "I am Grateful for Church" with a drawing of the Kidstuf stage underneath.

To be doing something constructive. That is what I'm grateful for.


Josh said...

Thats awesome Jake! Keep up the good work and early mornings.

Dennis Frymire said...

RE: Your last comment.

Deal. I don't think I can do once a week. Let's say once every two weeks.