Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forcing a post

Hey folks.

I really don't feel like posting today, but it's been a while and I have ample free time during Part 3 of the Henriad, so I thought I'd make myself do one.

I'm two sentences in and, already, it isn't my best work.

After the show closed on Sunday, I had to rush home to deal with some stuff. It worked out as well as it possibly could have, though, because I got to see Godspell at my alma mater. It was good, even though they were just starting dress rehearsals. It's always nice to sit in an audience and forget about life for a little while.

I'm contemplating a sequel to the Jacob York World Tour of 2005, but, this time, head from place to place auditioning. Any one want to come?

I'm pretty actively searching for something to do this summer. I look at the seasons of theatres in the Atlanta area, though, and I just don't see much there for me. UPTA and others, here I come!

Man, I am greatly anticipating December.

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Robbyn said...

if your travels lead you to the fabulous city of Chicago (hint, hint) you are more than welcome to stay at our place. we live only a few blocks from the El, so it's great for transit to/from the city. i'm sure you could talk with Dennis to get a idea of the best time to come up this way for auditions.