Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too Too Too Fast

So, what's happening?


Firstly, I guess I should get the shameless self promotion out of the way. I mean, let's be honest, part of what this blog is all about is aggregating all of the nice things that people say about me into one convenient location. Please note that this is not about me believing my own hype. Rather, it is in the hopes that someone else will.

I was singled out by Bert Osborne as one of the three "Up and Comers" of the year, by The Sunday Paper.

Also, Brad Rudy of Atlanta Theatre Buzz (As always...archived at mentioned me in his annual If I Picked the Suzi's column, once singularly from reasons to be pretty, then again as a member of reasons' ensemble.

I've had a very good year, and I'd be lying if I said the attention wasn't nice. But I really just want to keep working. So, keep liking what I'm doing, and I'll be more than happy to keep doing it.


Also, a lady ran into my car when I was on the way to Midsummer yesterday. There's something.


Birthday is coming up in a few days. I'll go ahead and keep the other info for a big post around then. Kinda tired now.

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