Tuesday, June 23, 2009

But anything worth doing is worth doing badly...

So, how many out of town auditions have I been on?

Just wrapped up SC Rep. There is also Springer Opera House (If you want to count them...), Orlando Shakespeare, Tennessee Shakespeare, Tennessee Rep, UPTA... That's all for this year, though I did go to Staunton fairly late last year.

Is that really it? It just doesn't seem like much, when you put it like that. Although, there is some solace in knowing that, outside of Springer, they are all at least a four hour drive...

Also sent out headshots to Cincinnati Shakespeare, NC Shakespeare, and Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, along with some other spots.

I think I'm probably done doing the out of town thing for a bit. Most places are ratcheting down their audition season, so I guess I can look forward to a new slate of places to audition for in a couple months.


I jammed my finger pretty well yesterday playing basketball. It's grown a bit and is a cute purple shade. Yay!


I have two reThink shoots this week, as well as a Kidstuf shoot at the beginning of next week. Other than that, no performance opportunities. I'm trying to stay on people's radars as much as possible, but there just isn't much coming up until...really, January. There are spots here and there, but chances are slim (But not impossible) that I would move from something in September, to Buy My House...Please at the Aurora to Fair Use at Actor's Express. That's how tight it's looking, folks. Seriously. January opens up because there are no less than 8 places I'd love to work during that month.

Keep your fingers crossed, man. I can use all the luck I can get.


Maybe I'll do my Atlanta Theatre Life post in the next couple of days. Or maybe I'll have something to talk about so I won't have to scrounge for content. We'll see...

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